mixed system backups

Damien Elmes resolve at repose.cx
Thu Jan 3 14:21:12 EST 2002

Kim Holburn <kim.holburn at anu.edu.au> writes:

> > > Any pointers - even alternatives to rsh from the more security wise.
> >
> >ssh with RSA or DSA keys.
> Forget it unless you want to have your machines spend 90% of their time
> encrypting and decrypting.

depends on the speed of the machines. alternative ciphers are also available,
some of which trade off some level of encryption but result in a marked

behind a company firewall it's probably not a problem, but if that data stored
say, confidential billing information, it would be nice not to have other
employees have access to it if they're just sitting on the network.

Damien Elmes
resolve at repose.cx

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