mixed system backups

Damien Elmes resolve at repose.cx
Thu Jan 3 13:52:04 EST 2002

Burn Alting <burn at goldweb.com.au> writes:

> Hi Guys,
> A quick question ...
> I've got a mixed system of Suns and Linux boxen. My tape drive is on one of 
> the Sun's and I intend to put a simple script to backup all my filesystems.
> I intend to use rsh to execute dump/rdump commands remotely - so I can access 
> the filesystems on the relevant local box. Yes, rsh ... not that secure, but 
> the firewall is nice and tight.
> My problem is that rsh rejects access to root all the time.
> I have a Redhat 7.2 system.
> I've enabled rsh in xinetd and added the -h flag. I have set up a 
> /root/.rhosts (chmod'd to 400) and have lists the fully qualified local hosts
> and the root user, but I still get Permission denied either executing rsh 
> locally or from one of my boxes.
> I can rsh from a normal user though.
> Any pointers - even alternatives to rsh from the more security wise.

ssh with RSA or DSA keys.

Damien Elmes
resolve at repose.cx

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