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Brett Worth brettw at cray.com.au
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On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 dcg at cea.com.au wrote:

> Hope someone can put me on the right path here, the problem is when i log in
> it seams to take a long time before CDE is up, this also happens if i `su -l
> username` it seams to sit there with no activity at all, this takes about 30
> seconds before it starts to work.
> can somebody give me some idea of where to start looking here...

Check if NIS is listed against the "passwd" entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf
then do a "ypwhich".  Or maybe find out if you are supposed to use nis
or not.  If not then take it out of /etc/nsswitch.conf's passwd line.

This kind of problem is can also be related to name resolution.  

Check that what ever name service you have configured is contactable.  
Grep for "hosts" in /etc/nsswitch.conf.  This will tell you the order for
host name service.  If its dns then check the nameserver entry in
/etc/resolv.conf.  Try pinging it.

One quick check I do is "arp -a". If DNS is working then you should see
FQDN against the list.  If all you get is hostnames then the test in
inconclusive because they're probably all coming from /etc/hosts.  If you
get IP addresses then DNS is not working.  In your case you'll probably
also get a long pause while DNS times out as the list is displayed.

Of course if its not name server or nis problems then all this info
is useless.


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