Feb CLUG 28th

Drake Diedrich dld at coyote.com.au
Wed Feb 27 08:11:13 EST 2002

   We have some 1920 GB fileservers (1600 GB after raiding) that people
might be interested in.  We could bring one in (not yet unpacked) to have a
look at the hardware, and perhaps begin an install over pizza.  Once mounted
in place we aren't moving them again.  :)

   Some other things that may be of interest:

  Encrypted, compressed, large-file multi-CD backups using gpg,
gzip/bzip2, tar, and a bit of Perl glue. 

PostgreSQL history: using triggers, rules, views, and Perl to approximate
                    Temporal SQL.

(no demo this month, only overview possible)
   Software license auditting - a completely Linux based
           implementation of a full license asset and audit system.

  Let me know if any of this is interesting and I'll throw a short
presentation together Thursday.

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