Feb CLUG 28th

Alfred Reynolds alfred at mazuma.net.au
Tue Feb 26 17:51:00 EST 2002

Can I suggest a crazy idea, how about a website were people can register 
things they would be interested to talk about and then an "organiser" 
can attempt to find a couple of talks/discussions per meeting out of 
this pool? We could even use it as some kind of "knowledge base" that 
people can use to find experts in registered areas :)

> I realise this, I just want to get momentum on this so as to encourage the 
> usuallty "silent masses" (myself included) to be more active. By our talking 
> about this in these last few e-mails, I believe (hope) we have got some 
> people out there thinking of what they could say ...  If we can make it part 
> of the 'meeting structure' then I think more would get involved also.
> So, aside from myself (I'd better since I'm suggesting this!), is there 
> anyone out there who want's to talk briefly this Thursday night. Don't be 
> shy, I figure after a talk by me, the meeting will be clammering for ANYONE 
> to talk, even if it's about their last trip to the dentist! :-)
> Burn

Alfred Reynolds
alfred at mazuma.net.au

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