EISA SCSI Adapters with 2.4.x kernel.

Brian Cheeseman bcheese at bcnb.samba.org
Sat Feb 23 19:23:07 EST 2002


I am currently trying to run up Mandrake 8.1, on an older Compaq Proliant 
2000 server with dual P50's.  I am unable to get the onboard SCSI controller 
to activate through the install, so I cannot get to my CDROM.  I also have a 
Compaq Smart 2 controller in it running a 17G raid 5 container.

My question comes down to, does anyone know if Mandrake supports the Buslogic 
BT-742A or BT-747S, as the Mandrake hardware compat list doesn't even make 
mention of Compaq hardware, and I know that the Smart 2 is supported.

Alternatively, does anyone know of another SCSI-2 EISA controller that is 


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