IT Security Specilist

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Fri Feb 22 18:38:59 EST 2002

I have put together a remote access proposal to my IT manager.

I need to get it vetted or audited by someone who is an IT Security 
Professional with Linux experience.  I think that someone working for an 
established IT Security shop would be preferable to a 'one-person-show'.

If anyone can recommend an appropraite IT Security Shop, I'd be grateful.  
I've had a look at the InterSect Alliance website (reviewed by the Canberra Times 
last November), and it looks like they offer this kind of service.  Other 

We don't have lots of dollars to spend on this. I was hoping it would only be 
at most a few hours at appropriate consulting rates, as I have already 
organised a system that would work for us and I believe is quite secure 
(although I'm no expert).

Replies off list please.


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