good c++ learning resource

James Macnicol jamesm at
Fri Feb 22 13:07:53 EST 2002

> >>>>> "Ben" == Ben Westgarth <Ben.Westgarth at> writes:
>   Ben> I would like to get a good book on learning c++ (obviously geared towards
>   Ben> programming on a *nix platform). Does anyone have any recommendations? I have
>   Ben> experience in java and the usual range of web languages, but I would like to
>   Ben> extend my skills.
> ``The C++ Programming Language'' 3rd edition by Stroustrup is an
> excellent book--it's not just a language reference any more.  Also
> ``Effective C++'' is a good practitioner's book, especially for C
> programmers.

  I'm not sure Stroustrup is a good recommendation for someone who wants to
learn the language.  It's a good reference but I'm not sure he explains things
too well.  I'm not sure I've really seen a good book for this.  Certainly
the coverage of templates in Stroustrup leaves a *lot* to be desired, but then
getting a lot of the template stuff in C++ to work the way you want it to
(or expect it to) is basically impossible.

  On a related issue: does anyone know of a book that details the changes
in the recent C99 update to the 'C' language?  I don't want to buy a complete
book on 'C' which is 85% common with C89 and have to spend $100 for it.  I'm
looking for something that just talks about what has changed.


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