terminal to a serial port

Michael James michael at james.st
Wed Feb 20 23:37:29 EST 2002

>At 9:50 AM +1100 02/2/15, Bob Edwards wrote:
>>I always use minicom for HyperTerm type functionality. Far from being
>>harder to configure, I actually find HyperTerm (the few times I have
>>ever tried to use it) quite hard to set up for direct connection.
>Ahhh... I assumed that like hyperterm I would have to trick it into getting a direct connection;-)  That is much simpler.  In that case there must be something wrong with my serial ports.

Back to basics.
Get into minicom, set it up without any flow control,
 short pins 2 and 3 on the comm port and type,
 (while scratching your ear).

No echo = wrong port or duff port.
A right not exercised is a privilege
a privilege not exercised is illegal.

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