Parliment House Webcasting - limited access through proprietary formats

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Feb 20 09:31:42 EST 2002

Brad Hards wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Feb 2002 23:22, Anthony David wrote:
> > BTW, neither RealPlayer nor QTime (only available on MacOS and Win)
> > qualify as Free Software.
> Depends on which part of the quicktime stuff you are talking about:
> [and a license which might or might not be strictly Free, but probably makes
> it]
> Although I think that MPEG-4 stuff was in dispute for patent rights (see
> yesterday's Australian newspaper, I don't recalll the details).
> Brad

Doesn't really help us open source people actually _watch_ the QT streams
though, does it? I'm sure Parliament House has enough of our hard-earned
tax dollars to buy proprietry server solutions, so encouraging them to
opt for an open source server would not really be a big priority for them,
I would think.


Bob Edwards.

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