Problems with reboot on Red Hat -- Help !!!

Digney, Paul PaulDigney at
Tue Feb 19 21:30:51 EST 2002

Dear fellow Linux users,

I am having a problems with using Red Hat on an older Digital Desktop PC
(3000).  When i install red hat version 7.0 and higher, i find that i am not
able to do a reboot using either of (shutdown -r, reboot or init 6) and have
to finally resort to a hard reset by cycling the PC.

I have scoured the web for a solutoin but no joy as yet, was wondering if
anyone had seen such a problem. 

I have succesfully loaded red hat on some new PC's with no problems, it
appears that maybe the hardware is causing a problem??/

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.


Paul Digney

Paul Digney
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