Implementing a make command

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Sun Feb 17 22:46:24 EST 2002

Michael Still wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:
> > You're right - I forgot that little detail... I should know - I set an
> > O/S assignment for students to modify the minix fs two years ago!
> Whereas UC doesn't offer anything as practical as this in their single
> operating systems unit. We got to read about os design and inodes and
> stuff, but there was no implementation work. Do you recall what the
> textbook / reading list was? Perhaps you have some pointers on how I can
> learn more about this.

This course at the ANU has had a chequered history with a list of
eminent (and some not so eminent!) lecturers:
1997 Martin Schwenke
1998 Anthony Wesley
1999 Andrew Tridgell
2000 myself (what am I doing in there?)
2001 Eric McCreath

I think that Eric will be teaching it again this year and from now on.
A really cool Linux hacker and Java machine learning expert!

We all taught it as a Linux-based course. I think that the text book
has always been Stallings, which now does cover Linux in the 4th edition.

But the best text is in /usr/src/linux! The simplest file-system to look
at, in 2.2 kernels in any case, is most likely the minix fs. Plus you can
load and unload it as a module without risking stuffing up your production
filesystems, which will all be ext2/ext3/reiserfs etc.


Bob Edwards.

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