Implementing a make command

Michael Still mikal at
Sun Feb 17 15:44:03 EST 2002

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:

> There is also a effort underway to simplify user-land file systems (I'm
> not sure how this is implemented, but it has something to do with the
> kernel calling back into a user-land daemon to do the FS work - would be
> useful for an FTP file system, or a HTTP file system etc.).

Yeah, I see this being a userland filesystem, with its own mount command
to handle authentication. The smbmount code certainly starts a deamon.

It is interesting that you speak of FTP / HTTP filesystems. I started by
wanting a HTTP filesystem, but listings of directories don't work -- so
what I am currently aiming at is a FTP filesystem as a first step.



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