Implementing a make command

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Sun Feb 17 15:04:57 EST 2002

Michael Still wrote:
> Heidi ho,
> I would like to play with my own filesystem type, which means I need to
> implement a mikalmount command. I have the code to smbmount, but it isn't
> very heavily commented.
> Is anyone aware of any good introductions on the requirements of these
> mount commands? Also, once you have created the mount point, how does the
> operating system actually access files on that filesystem?
> Thanks,
> Mikal
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> Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+11hrs

Might be better off looking at the minix mount command's source code and
also at the kernel code that implements the minix filesystem - it is about
as simple a file system as you can get.

There is also a effort underway to simplify user-land file systems (I'm
not sure how this is implemented, but it has something to do with the
kernel calling back into a user-land daemon to do the FS work - would be
useful for an FTP file system, or a HTTP file system etc.).


Bob Edwards.

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