terminal to a serial port

Ben Elliston bje at redhat.com
Thu Feb 14 23:23:16 EST 2002

>>>>> "Kim" == Kim Holburn <kim.holburn at anu.edu.au> writes:

  Kim> I want to open a terminal session to a serial port.  I can't
  Kim> see how to do it.  This is easy in Windows 9+ or 2K.  I use
  Kim> hyperterm.

  Kim> I tried minicom but it insists trying to talk to a modem.  I
  Kim> don't have a modem connected, just a device with a serial port.

I've used Minicom to talk to non-modem devices.  You just need to be
patient, get control of Minicom and override the settings for modem
control lines, hardware handshaking, etc.


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