Best firewall gateway version of Linux ?

Michael James michael at
Tue Feb 12 12:42:21 EST 2002

>I think the closest thing I've heard of in the wild (for free) is the IPCop
>project. It's a spin-off of Smoothwall but it uses ext3 so it should shrug
>off slight power cuts... FWIW Smoothwall is preparing a new GPL release
>'real soon now' which they claim will have lots of nifty goodies. I have
>less time for the Smoothwall people since one of the founders called me a
>cunt (and a few other carefully chosen names).
>They're specialist installations (to the point where adding printer sharing
>could be annoying) but the install is quick and easy. Installing either
>should take anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes.

Thanks for that, ext3 is an improvement.

Printer (or file) sharing adds the need
 for a hard disk for the var partition anyway.

And to preserve the security
 var would have to be mounted -nosuid -noexec
 if there is such an option as noexec.

Gibraltar seems to have useful options available to be turned on
 so I might burn myself a copy and give it a spin.

Could someone with experience of Gibraltar/Smoothwall
 say what the CD activity is like?
Does it let the CD spin down and sit once it has booted?

That would require a decent complement of ram, say 64 Meg or 128 Meg?

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