Open Relay Checker before Opening MTA

Peter Barker pbarker at
Mon Feb 11 16:22:35 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Matthew Hawkins wrote:

> Remind me never to get you to write me an SMTP MTA :P
> A real bounce will look like so (RFC1894):
> --------------

            ^ oops.

No spaces allowed here. Everyone accepts them, though..... liberal in what
you accept, blahdiblahdi blah....

I haven't looked at the more recent RFCs (the ones which obsolete 821 and
822 (2821 and 2822?), so things may have changed.

Additionally, RFC821 appears to be internally inconsistent about allowing
the above address. Whilst it specifically allowed the null address (MAIL
FROM:<>), the EBNF grammar does not permit it....

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