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Mon Feb 11 15:11:18 EST 2002

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On 11/02/02, 11:07:32 AM, Mick Howe <mickhowe at> wrote regarding 
smoothwall - dial on demand:

> Just installed Smoothwall 0.9.9 se as per the docs and can't get it to 
> on demand.

> If I tick the DoD box  in the Dialup | ppp settings I can't dial at all.
> After clearing the tick, hitting the 'connect' button on the home page 
> start dialling and can surf away on my two w98se boxes

> Also having bother with configuring linux (RedHat 7.1) to connect through
> smoothwall.

> I have set 'name server specification' to the IP of the smoothwall box 
> 'routing and gateways' to the same IP and enabled routing using Network
> Configurator but no joy. the linux box is a duel boot with 98se.

Ah .. That damn Network Configurator.  It seems to be OK for configuring 
your network but if you want to do things like have auto redial on or to 
permanently change your router/gateway then you are best editing the 
files directly in /etc/sysconfig.  I had that problem but I don't after 
editing the files directly.  Don't ask me why.  

> /\/\ick

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