Open Relay Checker before Opening MTA

Doug Palmer doug at
Sun Feb 10 17:01:48 EST 2002

Neil Pickford wrote:

> I hope the speed of their database is better than the 5 minute
> response time their web site replies at.

I'm getting a pretty rapid response from their web pages (< 5 seconds 
for their database lookups using host names). Since we're using the same 
ISP, from the look of things, this seems a little odd.

> Also don't assume that all real IP addresses have reverse lookup
> entries associated with them.  
> My ISP (Optusnet) will not enter a reverse DNS entry for my static IP. 

Curious. They've done it for mine without fuss or bother.

They also run the DNS servers for my domain; I don't know if that makes 
any difference anywhere.

Doug Palmer   doug at

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