Open Relay Checker before Opening MTA

Neil Symons neil at
Sun Feb 10 16:01:51 EST 2002

On Sunday, 10 February 2002 at 12:12PM, jeremyb at managed to get the following past my procmail filter:
> 2) Even if you're doing simple SMTP relay tests, many MTA's will "accept"
> your message, but then reject it some time later. So if an MTA apparently
> accepted your test, you could blacklist them before the rejection was
> returned to you (except you wouldn't get the rejection, because you've
> already blacklisted them :-(

This is what I was afraid was gonna happen after I sent original message.

And I found another thing, if this was a publically available program, and multiple server's used this feature, They will be bouncing back and forth on every connection made between the two until one is in a whitelist.

I guess to simply rely on a open blacklist supplied by orbz or something similar

Thanks for input

-- Neil

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