Open Relay Checker before Opening MTA

Michael Still mikal at
Sun Feb 10 13:16:43 EST 2002

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Ben Elliston wrote:

> I tried using Postfix's anti-spam options to do the same thing.  In
> the end, I had to revert the change because I was rejecting far too
> much legimate mail.
> Trivia question: how many mail servers out there do you think have no
> PTR records or if they do, don't match the name presented in their
> HELO/EHLO?  Answer: Lots.

Yeah, I can't send mail directly to Greg because of his config, but that
wasn't the question (we were asked "does something like this exist", not
"is it a good idea"). I agree that config like this can be a pain.

An example of problems is bigpond has a farm of mail servers who all have
their own DNS entries, but all pretend to be



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