Getting public IP address of NAT firewall

Ben Elliston bje at
Fri Feb 8 12:24:48 EST 2002

>>>>> "Damien" == Damien Elmes <resolve at> writes:

  >> Have never really played around with IRC.  But I think a 'traceroute' of a 
  >> packet to myself via the internet would do the trick.  I don't think 
  >> traceroute will do this, although I'm sure there is a tool that will.  (Can't 
  >> see how to do it with nmap.)  I'll have a look at the IRC thing.

  Damien> That's overkill. All you need is a remote connection that reports the source
  Damien> IP. Log in to any of the big FTP servers that say "greetings,
  Damien> all transfers are logged".

And then use Expect to automate it.


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