Need a new programming language

Richard Cottrill richard_c at
Fri Feb 8 05:24:24 EST 2002

Try not to take this as a troll; but I was just reading the comments about
C# made by the guy who started GNOME (Miguel something-or-other). He was
very positive about it. I think it has more potential for speed/compilation
than Java; and it 'should' be neatly cross-platform.

There are of course a fistful of reservations that every sane person has
about anything developed by The Beast.


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> my fave is a C/Python mix:
> use C for all those tight loops,
> wrap up with SWIG,
> and then can use all of Python's high level services.
> it is really a sweet combo,
> avoiding the baroqueness of C++
> (i don't want to write code i can't write a parser for),
> actually Python's object system is totally beyond what C++ does
> (for obvious reasons, it's not trying to be C aswell).
> But having said that, i do have problems with C:
> there is no reflection (one day i might be able to parse C),
> no dynamic code generation: a call to a (dereferenced) function pointer
> in the inside of a tight loop just sucks,
> and other funky memory/stack management is just not easy in C.
> ok, im outa here
> Simon Burton
> Paul Matthews wrote:
> > Getting frustrated by the limitations and sheer stupidity of C/C++, and
> > pure kludges of Perl. Would anyone like to recommend a new programming
> > language.
> >
> > Preferably one that can be both compiled to native and interpreted.
> >
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> > Paul Matthews
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