Need a new programming language

Rick Whittle rick_Whittle at
Thu Feb 7 22:15:42 EST 2002

Damien Elmes wrote:

> Paul Matthews <plm at> writes:
> > Getting frustrated by the limitations and sheer stupidity of C/C++, and
> > pure kludges of Perl. Would anyone like to recommend a new programming
> > language.
> >
> > Preferably one that can be both compiled to native and interpreted.
> There's python. There's no real native compliation support, but it's so dynamic
> that would be hard to do. You can, say, change the base classes of an instance
> on the fly. It's very cool. :-)
> Re the other poster, I've heard o'caml's interesting. You'll get a speed
> increase with that, but I'd imagine the community is much smaller.
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> Damien Elmes
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preferably s/360 asm

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