Linux & TransACT

andrew at andrew at
Thu Feb 7 14:01:27 EST 2002

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Nathan Le Nevez wrote:

> Well , today the TransACT people have been and connected me up. They have
> installed a UTP connector on the wall, and left me with a white modem.
> Well what do I do next?

PPPoE is what you talk to that box.
is what I use.  For me, it was a simple case of installing the rpm,
running the config script, typing in username/password, and off it went.

If you have a dedicated firewall box running smoothwall or something
similar, it probably already has what you need - just look for the PPPoE
option in the config.

Newer kernels have some funky PPPoE stuff in the kernel, but I haven't
played with it - my firewall box doesn't get kernel upgrades without a
good reason :)

Oh, and I hope you already have an isp - if not, you'll need to talk to
one of them.  I *strongly* recommend *not* choosing netspeed (for reasons,
search the CLUG archives around october/november last year).


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