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Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at
Wed Feb 6 15:11:57 EST 2002

Here is a brief summary from philip.chynoweth at
(6229 8040) at the Press Club last night. [Biz Card was about]

- They are in throes of moving from an 'engineering' group to a
business. They are addressing Service Levels, services available, billing,

- The timing for the rollout is open, but expected to finish in
24-36months.  The rate of takeup has been very large & requests for
installations run at twice the rate they can install.  Residential
customers will connected first - they have straightforward
needs.  Businesses have 'full service' needs of a Telco & will come in the
next phase.

- 'Funding' is the biggest headache at the moment.  The 'tech wreck'
caused the comms vendors - Siemens, Nortel, and ??? to drop vendor
financing & require everything up front.

- Philip aims to always be approachable & personally takes phone

- The Canberra market is very loyal, but we have high expectations -
~80% houses have PC's, ~50% houses use the Net, high household incomes,
highest education level in OZ, ...

- Other issues, like expansion & other technologies, have been considered,
but are not his prime focus at the moment...

Hope this is useful & I have not made any eregious errors or omissions.

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