System crash

Antti.Roppola at Antti.Roppola at
Tue Feb 5 13:40:51 EST 2002

I have two boxes that have worked flawlessy for a couple of years
up and die on me recently.

In the first instance, an SMP box that had run flawlessly
for a year or so fold when I did some really heavy
work on it. Turns out the kernel (which I had never bothered
upgrading as it worked) had some problems on heavily loaded
SMP boxes. I put in a newer kernel and all is good.

In the second instance, my fileserver at home started getting
really flakey after a thunderstorm last December. Replacing
the memory mostly fixed it, but it's still not getting hundreds
of days of uptime. So there must be other broken hardware. Next
pay day I'm buying a UPS. :o)

And then, if it only happened once, it could have been a cosmic ray
or something.



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I have a dual processor box used for calculations that has run tirelessly for 
three or four years.
In september last year I installed from scratch RH-7.1  and again this 
computer kept working tirelessly.  Then a few weeks ago I had a system crash.

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