Debian 3.0 Unstable

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> From: "Peter Smith" <peter.smith13 at>
> >Hi I am new to this list and I was wondering if there is any Debian fans
> the
> >Canberra Linux User Group that has Debian 3.0 and could save me the
> download.
> Call me daft, but I don't know that theres really much point in trying to
> save on downloads if you're moving to unstable...  Moving to unstable,
> you've got to be prepared to be downloading 80-90mb of updates a week as a
> normal thing. - and an update from stable to unstable at the outset is
> around 120mb anyhow..?  (Heck, I did an update on thursday morning, then
> again on thursday night, and the night-time update had 30mb of downloads!)
> Just my 20c..
> DG

I have a copy of Debian Unstable however, unless you have are prepared to
download many files, to keep up to date with unstable, it is generally
better to stay with Debian Stable or Debian Testing.

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