Debian 3.0 Unstable

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at
Mon Feb 4 15:16:45 EST 2002

From: "Peter Smith" <peter.smith13 at>
>Hi I am new to this list and I was wondering if there is any Debian fans In
>Canberra Linux User Group that has Debian 3.0 and could save me the

Call me daft, but I don't know that theres really much point in trying to
save on downloads if you're moving to unstable...  Moving to unstable,
you've got to be prepared to be downloading 80-90mb of updates a week as a
normal thing. - and an update from stable to unstable at the outset is only
around 120mb anyhow..?  (Heck, I did an update on thursday morning, then
again on thursday night, and the night-time update had 30mb of downloads!)

Just my 20c..


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