compiling kernels - built in v module

Ben Elliston bje at
Sat Feb 2 12:14:00 EST 2002

>>>>> "Martijn" == Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog at> writes:

  >> I'm insterested I'm peoples opinions regarding what to build in to the kernel 
  >> and what to make into modules
  >> I'm running RedHat 7.1 on a Celeron 533, 640MB ram, 44x IDE CDROM, 2x write/ 
  >> 8x read IDE CDR, with two 4.3 SCSI HDDs, HP SureStor T4 SCSI tape, S3 virge 
  >> agp video, realtek 8139 nic, Ensonique 1371 sound, Plustek OP600p scanner.

  Martijn> Basically, I look at what I'm going to use and compile in things that are
  Martijn> *always* going to be used. So, if I mounting DOS partitions at bootup, I
  Martijn> compile in vfat. CD Images? -> loop and iso9660. I tend to do network cards

IMHO, everything is best loaded as a module, if possible.  In this
way, modules that aren't used will be expelled from memory.
Furthermore, you can never predict when you'll need to replace one
piece of hardware (such as a network card) with another make/model.

  Martijn> I also tend to do SCSI as modules because I like to be able to load and
  Martijn> unload ide-cd, ide-scsi and sr at will to provide different access methods
  Martijn> to the cdroms/burners.

If you boot your machine from a SCSI disk, you're going to need those
modules available at boot time, in which case they need to go into an
intial ramdisk or be linked into the kernel image.


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