News - Sony to sell Linux kits for PlayStation 2

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Fri Feb 1 10:12:12 EST 2002

Neil Pickford wrote:
> Thought this was interesting - Just waiting for a PS2 to show
> up at a CLUG meeting

I am pretty sure that Sony released that kit in Japan in early 2001.
If you search on google for Linux and PS2, there are a number of links,
but most of them take you to Japanese web pages.


Bob Edwards.

> Neil Pickford - VK1KNP
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> Sony to sell Linux kits for PlayStation 2
> By Reuters
> January 29, 2002, 11:20 PM PT
> TOKYO--Sony said Wednesday that it would start selling Linux operating
> system kits for Linux programmers in coming months to allow Linux
> applications to run on its PlayStation 2 game console.
> The consumer electronics giant said it would begin selling disks to
> install Linux on PlayStation 2 and tools to develop Linux applications.
> The kits will go on sale in Japan in May and in the United Sates and
> Europe in June.
> "Many Linux fans have requested that they would like to execute
> applications not only on personal computers but also on PlayStation game
> consoles," a Sony representative said.
> The kits will cost $188.30 in Japan, $199 in the United States and $215
> in Europe.
> Linux, which competes with Microsoft's Windows, is an open-source model
> and has become a popular master computer program.
> Sony aims to expand the role of PlayStation as a technology and allow
> more
> applications such as word processing.
> Sony said the kits also included an internal 40GB hard drive and USB
> (universal serial bus) keyboard and mouse.
> Story Copyright © 2002 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

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