[Q] OT: Web Hosting?

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Mon Dec 30 20:28:27 EST 2002

John Blue wrote:

>>I am looking around for some web space for a colleague of mine who is
>>starting his own business. He really just needs to have a web presence
>>(preferably with PHP support) and a couple of e-mail addresses (either
>>POP accounts or ability to forward mail to another account). Traffic
>>should be minimal. Anybody got any recommendations / suggestions etc.?
>I suggest you look at Aussie Hosts, I am a satisfied customer. Rates 
>are good, support is unbelievably good. Based in Brisbane and 
>offering offshore or Australian based hosting.
>Happy New Year,
I'll second the recommendation for aussiehosts.  Been with them for 6 
months and they are wonderful.  Only wanted mail hosting rather than web 
hosting, but for what others might charge for mail hosting, aussiehosts 
charged for entry web hosting.  Support is better than unbelievably 
good.  I have no idea when they sleep.  Wide customer base as well, not 
just Australian.  If you want something a little different to what their 
standard plans are, just give them a yell and they should be able to 
work something out for you.  (The plan that I am on is around AUD$50/yr, 
and will be more than adequate for what your colleague wants.)

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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