[Q] OT: Web Hosting?

Maxious (Alex Sadleir) maxious at homemail.com.au
Mon Dec 30 19:05:20 EST 2002

I'd try www.echo-host.net.
"Standard Package

The Standard Package is ideally suited for those with entry level experience
or a low access site not utilising server side database technologies. We
recommend this package for most individuals and small businesses looking to
establish a web presence without leaping straight into online marketplaces.
MySQL databases can be added to this account at $4 per month.

The standard package includes the following features:

80 MB Space
2500 MB Transfer / month
80 POP3 Accounts
2 Mailing Lists
Control Panel
Dedicated IP Address
"Catch All" Email Account
Mail Forwarding
PHP 4.2.3
Perl 5.6.1
Java Servlets
Raw Logs
Server Side Includes
MIME Types
Frontpage Extensions
FTP Access
FREE Domain Name "

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