T1fonts-update advice

Felix Karpfen felixk at webone.com.au
Mon Dec 23 08:47:57 EST 2002

Duncan Roe wrote:
> Did it install t1lib.so?
> If so, did you run ldconfig afterwards? (as root)
> Just a guess,
> Cheers ... Duncan.

Thank you for the advice.

If I did run it when I updated T1lib, I can no longer remember.

However, rerunning it may have made a bad story worse.

When identifying the path to the runtime files in an environmental
variable (as recommended), nothing works now; not the final installed
test program nor the test progam in its location(s) prior to the install

Final location:
[felixk at eureka felixk]$ xglyph 
Initialization of t1lib failed (T1_errno=0)!

Locations in the source file directory:
1) [felixk at eureka .libs]$ ./xglyph
Initialization of t1lib failed (T1_errno=0)!
2) [felixk at eureka .libs]$ ./lt-xglyph
Initialization of t1lib failed (T1_errno=0)!
[felixk at eureka .libs]$ cd ..
3) [felixk at eureka xglyph]$ ./xglyph
Initialization of t1lib failed (T1_errno=0)!

Rerunning the programs after a fresh login - without setting the
environmental variable - "/usr/local/bin/xglyph" still gives the same
output.  However, the results of running xglyph from the source file
directory are now different.

Option 3) works perfectly (because it uses runtime files that are in
the same directory).

Options 1) and 2) find three of the four needed runtime files, but fail
to find the fourth - although the file exists and the path is identified
in the (non-loaded) environmental variable.

1) [felixk at eureka .libs]$ ./xglyph 
xglyph: No fonts in database (T1_errno=14)!
2) [felixk at eureka .libs]$ ./lt-xglyph 
xglyph: No fonts in database (T1_errno=14)!

Given that the programs that use Type1 fonts still work, the problem is
not desperate.  But, if it has an answer, I am still curious.  I am
attaching some advice displayed when the updated Type1 fonts were
installed - in case it is relevant.  I do not pretend to understand what
the advice advises.

Felix Karpfen 

> On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 06:44:55AM +1100, Felix Karpfen wrote:
> > My attempts to update the supplied T1lib package from source has come to
> > grief in an odd way.  While this may not be the appropriate forum in
> > which to air the issue, I am sending it in the hope that I will be
> > pointed to an appropriate <newsgroup|list>.
> > 

Felix Karpfen
felixk at webone.com.au
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