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Brett Worth brettw at
Mon Dec 23 19:27:42 EST 2002

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002, Rob Shugg wrote:

> I have tried to get them to mirror some distros there some time ago but they 
> said there was not enough demand...

I got the same response.

> Quite frustrating really.

I connect from Transact via Webone to the Internet from home.  At work we
connect using ADSL via Webone to the Internet.  As it turns out the
unlimited traffic within Webone only applies from within ADSL or within
ADSL.  I get slugged with home<>work traffic even though the traffic goes
nowhere near the Internet.  Figure that one out.

So any mirrored data at Webone would only be free to download within the
given domain. i.e. ADSL or Transact.


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