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Mon Dec 23 18:17:29 EST 2002

I fully agree with David Gibson, Open Source is not about 'How to make 

And isn't the statement within MIT's latest announcement  for their 
OpenCourseWare a better characterization for the OS movement:
"Unprecedented step challenges 'privatization of knowledge' ....."

>He is also enough of a realist to know that he cannot just decree 'Open Source' -
>it won't happen unless there is a real ground swell.  Which means we have to start
>to identify in detail just what Open Source activities are already happening
>inside InTACT & ACT Govt [and also elsewhere in Canberra].

>The group tonight thought is was obvious that the Education market was the best
>'first market'.  Are there other 'low hanging fruit' any of you know of??  For
>instance, places that just want to offer browser access [like ACT libraries] could
>run 'Kopix' even.

I've compiled a list of  interesting sides on eSchool and eGovernment 
for you, which i've come accoss lately:

    *  eSchool 

        *  '' is compiling and publishing education related
          articles, information and announcements from around the globe.
          There are many sophisticaed apps available, for teachers and
          students likewhise, some of them with no competition from the
          commercial arena...for example
          "" <>is a Linux in
        School Project <>- The Linux
        Terminal Server Project - for Thin Client computing <>- K12 - Open Source News <>-
        Schoolforge News Journal

        * MIT OpenCourseWare... -

        Unprecedented step challenges 'privatization of knowledge' - MIT
        to make nearly all course materials available free on the World
        Wide Web...

        Press release:

        Web side:

    * eGoverment.

        * City of Largo, Florida - Linux for more than 800 users...

        Largo loves Linux more than ever... - they are even planning for
        linux tablet pc's for mobile computing in the police force...

        * City of Largo goes live with KDE... - Linux at the secretary's

        * Kroupware / KOLAB Server - KDE Groupware Server for encrypted
          Email / Calendering / Groupware Server sponsored by the German
          Government (Federal Agency of IT-Security)



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