Something Big to Download

Joel Pearson pearj at
Mon Dec 23 18:33:09 EST 2002

I could change the request to: does anyone want something big downloaded
off a reasonably fast server that isn't available on the Telstra mirrors
or something like that.  So if anyone wants some 2.5gb linux distro and
they've never been able to download it, tell me now and I'll download it
and burn it for you.  (have to bring your own blank cds though ;-) )

Joel Pearson
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>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Pearson
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  Joel> I have 2500mb left in my download quota this month that runs
  Joel> out tomorrow, does anyone have any ideas of what I could
  Joel> download? I already have RH 8 and Debian 3

If you like, I'll set up a TCP server that sends you 2.5GB of zeroes.
Alternatively, you could give that bandwidth to your peer users for
Christmas. ;-)


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