Redhat 8.0 kernel configuration

Ben Elliston bje at
Thu Dec 19 23:00:05 EST 2002

>>>>> "jan" == jan nemarch <newmarch=pDz3VWC6uHq0Qbw4267k27s0Z2mYlMph at> writes:

  jan> I want to modify the kernel slightly from the default Redhat
  jan> 8.0 installation. I can't figure out exactly what configuration
  jan> RH used, the kernel source package uses quite a different
  jan> one. I think I once saw an answer to this, but can't find it in
  jan> the archives

You can recreate the kernel configuration file by installing the
kernel-source RPM and then running `make oldconfig' in the kernel
source directory (/usr/src/redhat/linux-2.4 or whatever).


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