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Thu Dec 19 11:05:35 EST 2002

If you're lucky enough to be on webone (transact or dialup), you can download from users on the direct connect hub ( with no data charges, as its internal only. Setup instructions can be found at If you're not on webone, there are numerous public dc hubs.
In either case, there are several linux guis, mostly based of dctc, a text backend client. The one i use is dc_gui (, as it is included in debian. There are also several other guis on

Hope this helps,

> Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 18:08:15 +1100
> From: Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra <Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM>
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> Organization: Sun Microsystems
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> Subject: Replacement for iMesh
> Hello
> I am trying to encourage my younger brother to give up his Windoze using 
> ways. He currently uses iMesh, a wintel file sharing app, to exchange 
> (mostly receive) mpegs.
> Can anyone suggest a Linux app to replace iMesh in his life?  A 
> compatible app would be preferred as he gets good results (at finding 
> what he after) using iMesh.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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