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On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Duncan Roe wrote:

> If you assume 60A15E is hex-encoded ascii, it's back-tick period uparrow
>  `.^
> which could be an emoticon of some sort (a dog maybe?).
> Just my wild guess,

My guess is that its a hackers reference to the person responsible for
the listing of the township of Knox County in the US in 1812.

I quote:




ON the 2d of March, 1812, upon petition of several citizens this township
was laid off, and an order issued for an election to be held at the house
of Benjamin Rush for township officers. A majority of the early settlers
being natives of Morris county, New Jersey, caused the name of Morris to be
selected. The officers of the election, this year. Wm. Douglass. Daniel
Cooper, Wm. Thrift, Judges ; James Trimble and John Wheeler, clerks. The
township was listed lox- N. C. Boalse, who was paid a $6 county order for


his services. At a special meeting of the associate Judges, March 14, 1812,
three justices were allowed to this township at the election ordered by the
Commissioners. There were fifty voters. James Trimble was chosen Township
Clerk ; Scott Durbin and James Miller, constables and James Loveridge,
Treasurer. At this is period, this may be said to have been the foremost
township in the county. Clinton was them in its prime, the country around
was settled by the very best kind of people; the upper branches of Owl
Creek, uniting within its limits, gave them some of its richest bottom
lands for cultivation, and the flow of emigration brought much substantial
population. At the election of 1816 there were 83



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