Determining far IP address of NAT/ROUTER

Peter Lavender plaven at
Wed Dec 18 16:10:15 EST 2002

* Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra (Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM) wrote:

> All I can think of so far, is to find some kind soul to host a CGI 
> script for me that displays the IP address incomming HTTP connections, 
> in this case a HTTP request from my workstation.

Dynamic DNS maybe?  I'm fairly lazy with my systems at home and use
Smoothwall as the firewall for my home network, it has a nice
interface where I pick the dynamic DNS service and upon connection it
fires off a script that sends the required info to the service and
sure enough I can access my servers (using port forwarding) with a
pleasant FQDN... even if it is a subdomain/host of :)

I'm fairly sure you could find a script on the net from a google
search on dynamic DNS... or even the services themselves would have
links or scripts to "do the dirty" work as part of the ppp-on script.




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