Determining far IP address of NAT/ROUTER

Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 18 10:15:01 EST 2002

ddclient can get the outside-world side IP address from any of: a local 
network interface (like ppp0), web based IP detection, Watchguard's SOHO 
router, Netopia's R910 router, SMC's Barricade broadband router, 
Netgear's RT3xx router, Linksys' broadband routers, MaxGate's UGATE-3x00 
routers, ELSA's LANCOM DSL/10 routers, Cisco's 2610, 3com 3c886a 56k Lan 
Modem, SOHOWare BroadGuard NBG800, and almost every other router with 
user configurable FW definitions.

Unfourunately, querying most of the above hardware does require the 
admin password to be defined in the ddclient config file.


Michael Still wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Martin Schwenke wrote:
>>>>>>>"Mikal" == Michael Still <mikal at> writes:
>>    Mikal> How about doing a traceroute, and parsing the output?
>>That shows you the address on your side of each router...  :-(
> And I would think ddclient wont help, because it knows the IP address of
> the external interface of the linux box, not of the ADSL router thingie.
> Mikal

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