dynamic dns updates on Debian Potato

Mark Purcell mark at purcell.homeip.net
Tue Dec 17 21:55:58 EST 2002

On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 05:50:37PM +1100, Grant Morphett wrote:
> I run an up-to-date Debian Potato firewall and am trying to figure out how to do
> dynamic dns updates ala dyndns.org.  It appears that all the usual dynamic dns
> clients (ddclient, ez-ipupdate, ipcheck, updatedd) aren't available for potato. 
> I googled but to no avail and apt-cache search dyndns doesn't reveal anything.
> Any suggestions other then upgrading to 3.0?

Goodness, two plys for my package in the one night..

ipcheck doesn't have any version dependancies (it is just a python script), so you can
download the ipcheck package from either stable, testing or unstable and provided you
have python installed it will work fine on a potato box.

That said after a quick check, ddclient only has a versioned dependancy on debconf (>=
0.5.0) so it could well work as well.  If not you can build a dedicated
potato version yourself:

# apt-get build-dep ddclient
# apt-get --compile source ddclient



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