dynamic dns updates on Debian Potato

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Tue Dec 17 20:54:56 EST 2002

Grant Morphett <grant at gmorph.com> wrote:
> I run an up-to-date Debian Potato firewall and am trying to figure out how to do
> dynamic dns updates ala dyndns.org.  It appears that all the usual dynamic dns
> clients (ddclient, ez-ipupdate, ipcheck, updatedd) aren't available for potato. 
> I googled but to no avail and apt-cache search dyndns doesn't reveal anything.
> Any suggestions other then upgrading to 3.0?

Download the woody package and see if you can build it on potato. This
may take minor or major messing with the packaging, so be prepared to
get your hands a bit dirty. Of course, it might Just Work (tm), in which
case you get to keep your hands clean.

But you really should consider upgrading to woody soon anyway.
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