Solved: Determining far IP address of NAT/ROUTER

Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 17 16:13:42 EST 2002

The URL will tell me my IP address, but as 
Daniel McNamara suggested to me, using dynamic DNS would be less of a hack.

To use dynamic DNS have a look at , especially 
the Linux/Unix client ddclient at as it has many 
different methods for determining the IP address and may be able to get 
it from even my Linksys hardware.

Thanks to all that responded,


Michael Still wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra wrote:
>>All I can think of so far, is to find some kind soul to host a CGI
>>script for me that displays the IP address incomming HTTP connections,
>>in this case a HTTP request from my workstation.
> I don't think this will work. You'll end up getting the IP address of the
> closest proxy to the web server. Then again, perhaps not. Try:
> and see if it works for you.
> How about doing a traceroute, and parsing the output?
> Mikal


Aaron Smith
Systems Engineer
Sun Microsystems

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