Determining far IP address of NAT/ROUTER

Aaron Smith - Sun Microsystems - Canberra Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 17 14:41:02 EST 2002


I am using a LinkSys ADSL NAT router to share a ADSL connection to my 
home network. I am able to ssh in from friends [family actually, I must 
be running low on friends ;-)] houses provided I bring the ISP side IP 
address of my NAT/router by hand. I can only get the the dynamically 
assigned IP address of the ISP side of the router from the routers web 
based admin interface, which requires interaction (for authentication).

Can anyone think of a neat way for my linux workstation to determine 
what the dynamic IP address has been assigned to the ISP side of my 
gateway/router is? If I can get the IP address I can FTP it to a 
webpage, and therefore, have it available when away from my home.

All I can think of so far, is to find some kind soul to host a CGI 
script for me that displays the IP address incomming HTTP connections, 
in this case a HTTP request from my workstation.

Any and all ideas welcome.



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