Which USB Modem?

John Griffiths john at capmon.com
Tue Dec 17 10:28:49 EST 2002

is the surge on the phone line or the electricity?

At 10:22 AM 12/17/02 +1100, Doug.Palmer at csiro.au wrote:
>> Have you considered getting a filter to spare the lives of all these
>> poor, innocent modems? You certainly used to be able to get 
>> line filters
>> that had both mains and telephone line filtering (they were 
>> designed for
>> fax machines). I presume they're still out there.
>Everything I have is protected by surge protectors, including the phone
>lines -- from Jaycar, incidentally. These are OK for most things, such as
>the sudden voltage surges and drops I get when all the off-peak stuff comes
>on, but (demonstrably) not for a nearby lightning strike. 
>Unfortunately, I live on the edge of Bungendore facing the North -- the
>direction storms often come from. So my immediate vicinity is popular for
>lightning, since it's got the first spikey things after relatively flat
>I have considered getting a UPS, since many of them come with superior
>lightning protection. But it's hard to justify the cost for the amount of VA
>I'll need. Instead, if I'm home I just unplug everything and if I'm not home
>I just pray and replace the blitzed modems (external only) as they happen. 

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