Laptop problems. was: What kind of laptop?

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Fri Dec 13 17:57:13 EST 2002

Gary Woodman (antigramp at wrote:
> --- Simon Haddon <simon at> wrote:
> > Still didn't work.  It now blanks out after 30 minutes but I don't have
> > dpms enabled even if I disable the screen saver.  It also blanks out in
> > console at run level 1.  Go figure.  
> Power saving feature in the BIOS?

Just for the curious, I have a miditower dual processor system which
*requires* ACPI support in the kernel otherwise it switches into suspend /
power sav^H^H^Hwasting mode after 15 minutes regardless of what I'm doing
(or not doing) on the PC.

If I'm in X, the monitor will switch off, and regardless, the power LED on
the front of the case pulses.  There doesn't appear to be an operation that
will bring it back to life.

And no, this doesn't only happen on Friday 13th's ;)


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