Laptop problems. was: What kind of laptop?

Simon Haddon simon at
Fri Dec 13 16:20:53 EST 2002

Nothing I do works.  I have tried xset s noblank; xset s off; xset s 

Next step is Toshiba.  I have noticed that the WinDVD program is able to 
prevent the screen blanking out without a hichup so I think that there 
must be some way to get the same result with xine.

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On 13/12/02, 12:19:53 AM, Gary Woodman <antigramp at> wrote 
regarding Re: Laptop problems. was: What kind of laptop?:

> --- Simon Haddon <simon at> wrote:

> > Still didn't work.  It now blanks out after 30 minutes but I don't
> > have
> > dpms enabled even if I disable the screen saver.  It also blanks out
> > in
> > console at run level 1.  Go figure.

> Power saving feature in the BIOS?

> Gary

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