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Damien Elmes clug at
Thu Dec 12 17:54:57 EST 2002

Simon Haddon <simon at> writes:

> Hi Everyone.
> I took Damien's advice and mucked around with xset.  Still can stop the 
> screen from blanking out.  I have used the following to stop DPMS.
> 	$ xset s noblank dpms 0 0 0
> 	$ xset -dpms
> You have to do it with 2 commands as changing the dpms settings 
> re-enables dpms again. Still found that it didn't help.
> I then found that xscreensaver was re-enabling the dpms settings as it 
> records the settings in its .xscreensaver configuration.  Setting the 
> values to 0 0 0 and no dpms using xscreensaver-demo stopped it stuffing 
> up my dpms settings.
> Still didn't work.  It now blanks out after 30 minutes but I don't have 
> dpms enabled even if I disable the screen saver.  It also blanks out in 
> console at run level 1.  Go figure.  

I think the console blanking is configured using 'setterm'. Do you have DPMS
or similiar enabled in your BIOS? Also the documentation for 'noblank':

"while 'noblank' sets the preference to
               display a pattern rather than blank the video. " 

- perhaps you want 's off' instead?

I'm not sure about xine, but mplayer actually automatically turns off DPMS and
screensaver settings when you play a movie, and turns them back on when the
movie's finished playing. It also seems to be more reliable than xine.


Damien Elmes

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